Cookies Policy

In order to offer a more personalised and efficient service, we need to record and store information on how you use this website. This is done by using small text files called cookies. Cookies contain small amounts of information and are installed on your computer or another device by a web server. Once downloaded, your browser sends these cookies to the website on each subsequent visit, so the website can recognise and record data such as your user preferences.

• Which Cookies Do We Use and Why?
We use cookies to record information about the options you select when you enter our website and therefore personalise it for each visitor. For example, to record your language preference or to know which data you have entered in the form. Normally, when this information is stored, all the data which allows the user to be identified is deleted, and the information is not used for any other purpose.
This information is used exclusively for statistical purposes and it is not our intention to use it in order to identify individual users. This website does not use targeting cookies or advertising cookies, which are the cookies that allow companies to send personalised adverts to the website’s visitors.

• How to Control the Cookies
By using this website you accept that we can install cookies on your computer or device, as explained above. However, you can control and manage the cookies in different ways. Take into consideration that deleting or blocking the cookies means that some parts of the website may no longer be completely accessible.

• How to Manage Analytical Cookies
There is an option to prevent the analytical cookies from recording the anonymous searches when browsing on the Internet. We use the following service providers. For more information on their privacy policies and on how to delete cookies, you can visit the website: Google analytics

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